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The best talents can be found anywhere and AfriSplash Remotely๐ŸŒ gives you access to wide talent pool of remote-ready talents from various parts of Africa. 

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[Someone who has worked remotely for many years before remote work became cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž]

Let's hear from you if you believe in our mission and want to help us guide creative talents towards building a successful remote career.

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Work Globally, Live Locally

Join AfriSplash Remotely and Rootlo as we lead the wave of change for remote work in Africa and beyond.

AfriSplash Remotely

Harnessing the power of community to promote diversity in the global remote workforce through African talents, while creating opportunities for talents to achieve success from anywhere.


Revolutionizing the lifestyle of remote workers by enabling them to stay connected with peers, share tips and take advantage of their location independence. 

Learn & Get Inspired

We believe that hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.

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Remote First Podcastby Daphnรฉe Laforest

Get to hear from leaders of remote and hybrid companies (Prezi, Shopify, Oyster, Radical Candor, etc) who will share topics such as digital onboarding, remote leadership and remote-first org-transformation. 

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Remote Work Success: Earn More - Work Less - Live More32 mins of on-demand video

The ultimate guide to working remotely so you can increase productivity, work less and live more .
Remote work will change your life!

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11 Remote Work Best PracticesBy Marie Prokopets

Thereโ€™s no one-size-fits-all formula for remote work. Everyone has different ways of working. Different times at which they work. Different work locations. Different time zones. Learn what works for you.

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