AfriSplash Mentors

Our team of mentors consists of various top professionals with years of experience working remotely and creating remote solutions to lead the change for the future of work. Interested in achieving new milestones while working remotely? They've got you ✅

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    Kodi Agbasi
    PM @ Apple | Entrepreneur

    Kodi is passionate about helping talents find the right fit while creating and owning their experiences in the journey to reinvent themselves as better professionals, his mentoring approach helps talents from diverse backgrounds understand that they too have the opportunity for representation at a global scale ✈️🌎

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    Daphnée Laforest
    Remote Leader & enterprise PM

    Mobile Work Strategist with 8+ years of remote leadership experience.

    From Montreal, Berlin, Singapore to Tokyo,  I help executives, people ops and team leaders in their transition to a digital-first workforce 

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    Sathish Kulal
    Software Dev Engineer @ Microsoft

    Sathish is a software engineer and the founder of Chess Positions (helping around 1,000+ professional chess players across the globe) , He is passionate about helping talents get into coding and guiding young developers towards building a successful career.

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    Oluwakemi Adeleke
    Product Designer

    Kemi is a talented and creative product designer with industry experience designing usable and accessible products, she is passionate about solving problems and impacting young designers with skills needed to thrive in the industry.

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    Luis Barroso
    Remote Leader & Founder | Rootlo

    The founder of Rootlo is revolutionizing the lifestyle of remote workers, he has lived in 4+ continents and visited 50+ countries. If there's anyone who can help you improve your daily life and productivity as remote worker, It's definitely Luis.

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    Luca Kisielius
    Remote Work Advocate & Product Professional

    # ☕️ Product Nerd
    A seasoned Remote work advocate and Product professional with over ~15 years of experience working on user-focused solutions for customers. Luca's passion is to empathise with and understand real, human problems through listening, deep work and clear communication.
    🏳️‍🌈 Pronouns are they/them. 

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    Gonçalo Hall
    Remote Leader & Co-founder | Remote Europe

    Gonçalo Hall is a remote work evangelist working to establish remote work as the new normal by educating people and companies. He provides the best strategies and insights for remote workers to experience freedom and productivity and has spent time in Europe and Asia experiencing different cultures as a digital nomad.

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    Jae Taylor
    Snr Director of Product | Founder @

    Jae was an office assistant, a young dad, had no bachelor’s degree (still doesn't), and had no connections in the tech industry. Even with the challenges that come with being a minority (black/korean), he broke into the tech industry, and has succeeded at some tech giants like Microsoft, Expedia, Salesforce, Twitter and built 2 successful startups. Currently, a Snr Director of Product Mangement for Peloton & founder of

  • Dotun adeoye
    Dotun Adeoye
    Serial Entrepreneur & Product Leader

    Dotun Adeoye is a serial entrepreneur, mobile and digital product expert and an inspirational leader. He started out in business as a teenager, winning the first ever “Best Young Entrepreneur in Nigeria” award.

    Dotun is a Cambridge, Wharton and Harvard alumni. 

  • 1572272011664
    APM @ Indeed

     A young Senegalese-American professional fueled by a strong cultural awareness, ever-growing career ambition, and the will to become a source of inspiration to young women around the world. Currently an APM at Indeed, Adja's experience in the finance sector coupled with a solid knowledge as a PM has been crucial in helping young talents succeed.

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    Stephen Gacheru
    Product Design Lead

    Stephen Gacheru is a Product Designer based in Kenya with over 10 years experience in helping companies build delightful user experiences. His skillset cuts across different design disciplines including Interaction Design, UI/UX Design, Visual Design, Web Design and Product Design. 

  • Pp
    Kolapo Imam
    Product Marketing Manager @ Nexford University

    Kolapo is a Content Writer, MBA Grad and Product Marketing Manager at Nexford University. Prior to joining Nexford, Kolapo worked as a Product Marketing Manager for Versus Africa and Social Media Manager for Nigeria's leading real estate platform.

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    Luke Mitchell
    Design Director | Thoughtbot

    Luke's approach to mentorship is flexible and casual with the goal of understanding the mentees learning preferences and expectations. Currently a Director of Design at Thoughbot, his driver is guiding budding design talents focused on tackling the big issues like climate change, and elevating the voices and cultures of people through a tailor-made mentorship journey.

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    Ajufo Udenna
    Senior Product Manager | Kuda

    Udenna is driven by the desire to help budding talents break into product, his experience spans across Fintech, payments, enterprise solutions, design and AI & Machine Learning with Data. Currently a Senior PM at Kuda, one of Africa's fastest growing fintech solutions, Udenna is focused in helping even more PM's succeed in their roles within and beyond Africa.

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