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published on 16 June 2021
Thank you for leading the wave of change for the future of work in Africa and beyond.
Thank you for leading the wave of change for the future of work in Africa and beyond.

Hey Champ💎

We began a movement to promote remote work and remote workers in Africa and you didn't have to think twice to support our mission, It didn't take so long for our Slack community to reach 500 members and you made it happen🚀.

We believe in harnessing the power of community to create a world where location doesn't determine the level of professional success a talent achieves, that's why we aren't just all about curating jobs but building a community to promote YOU on the global stage.  

We are putting the best value together for you, from our events, to resources, talent-match platform and much more, Our mission transcends sharing remote jobs (although we’ll be sending you the most accessible remote jobs to your inbox ), we are more focused on matching talents directly with global startups and recruiters and you'll be the first to know and get free access once we are ready to kick off.

While we share what some of our members think of this community, here is a super great article we believe you would find helpful if you are looking to transition into a full-time  remote worker, if you aren't one already.

Melinda Kahi - Program Manager @ Microsoft
" I really enjoy the career focus session and the network I got from it, I'll definitely be on the look out for more, thanks AfriSplash for organizing this"

Ujjwal Singh - Founder @ Haulify
"AfriSplash Remotely🌍 is a great community, the team is super fantastic and helped me to find the best talent matching our expectations. We would love to keep engaging with the team and contribute as much as we can to grow this community."

Kodi Agbasi - Project Manager @ Apple
" I'm excited to support this mission and will keep helping talents from diverse backgrounds own their experiences and  understand that they too have the opportunity for representation at a global stage"

What are you waiting for?  Share the AfriSplash Remotely with as much tech talents you have within your circle. Let's create a world where location doesn't determine professional success🚀🌍. 

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